There are a number of advantages as well as disadvantages of leasing and acquiring a warehouse. You need to choose what offers a competitive benefit to your company. If you decide to rent a warehouse, do not miss to give a look at the “Bangna” warehouse [คลังสินค้าบางนา, which is the term in Thai].


  • You Have Extra Options

When it comes to choosing space as well as place, leasing a warehouse has the advantage. There will always be much better warehouses with a bigger room than the one you are using. This offers you the choice of increasing as well as moving to a better warehouse.

  • Much Less Monitoring

Amongst the most requiring work of possessing your warehouse is management. You need to make certain that cooling and heating is working as well as various other maintenance functions.

This work takes a lot of your energy as well as time. When you are renting the warehouse, all maintenance is left for the property supervisor or the property owner.

  • Easy to Move

When you don’t possess the warehouse, you can easily pack your things as well as a move to a new place. But when you possess the warehouse, you don’t have the luxury to up as well as entrust your products.

This gives you more freedom as well as versatility to your business.


  • Equity

Owning a warehouse comes with its benefits. If you own a warehouse for your company, you can use it as equity to protect a financing.

  • In addition, you can use the warehouse to promote other business deals. In addition, possessing a warehouse boosts the worth of your company.
  • Total Control of the Building

Possessing the warehouse allows you to have total control of the warehouse. You can determine if you want to alter the format of the warehouse to fit your demands without asking for approval.

Additionally, if you seem like you desire more shelves as well as a storage room, you can conveniently do that without looking for the property manager. This offers you the freedom to revamp the warehouse.

  • Take Care of Costs

Have you before got up to find that your landlord has raised the rent? This can be irritating, particularly if you had not planned it in your budget.

The benefit of owning a warehouse is that it runs at a dealt with a price. This guarantees that your regular monthly rate continues to be the same throughout.