Choosing a Telesales Service Provider

Over the past two decades, the concept of telemarketing as a means of reaching new customers has undergone dramatic changes. The techniques and strategies that may have worked in the past are no longer sufficient to produce real results. Telemarketing or telesales service providers have changed over the years, too, implementing new technologies and knowledge in an effort to drive sales growth. With so many choices in service providers, how can a company choose the right telesales service firm for their unique needs? In this guide, we’ll explore what separates a great service provider from one that can’t or won’t produce the desired results.

Telesales: Basic Concepts

To begin, it can be useful to understand what has changed in the telemarketing/telesales landscape. In past years, cold-calling was the predominant tactic telemarketing firms used to connect with potential customers. Generic scripts were the order of the day, and while these techniques were somewhat useful, they simply didn’t build lasting relationships or trust between the sales firm and new customers. They were also very inefficient, wasting valuable resources of time and money in an attempt to drive sales growth.

Today, advanced technologies are employed by the best telesales firms. These technologies allow telesales firms to identify ideal target audiences, then create tailored sales initiatives that resonate with potential customers. Cold-calling is still a useful tactic, but now it is only one part of a larger set of tools that enhance the overall sales experience. The leading telesales service providers look at the whole picture rather than focusing solely on reaching as many people as possible. This is often referred to as “high touch” or “strategic” sales, and this factor alone helps to separate the quality service providers from their competition.

The “High Touch” Environment

Best-of-breed telesales service providers employ many cutting-edge tactics when providing outsourced sales services for their clients. The “high touch” method produces incredible results, building credibility between sales team and customer while forging real and honest relationships. The best B2B sales firms employ well-trained and experienced sales professionals who are adept at connecting with customers at every step of the way. High touch strategies include:

  • Cold calling
  • Interacting with channel partners
  • Executing technology demos for clients
  • Registering and managing sales events
  • Performing post-event followups with customers
  • Creating and delivering customized presentations
  • Researching target demographics and communication preferences 

As you can see, there are many components that all work together to produce real results. SalesFish, a leading service provider of B2B and outsourced sales, has partnered with and in order to better serve its clients. The results speak for themselves: since the company’s founding, it has generated over $30 billion in quantifiable sales for its clients. By leveraging technology, exhaustive market research, and cutting-edge sales methods, the firm has been able to stand out as an innovator and leader in the B2B sales field. Best of all, the sales professionals have the knowledge and experience needed to tailor sales messages that resonate with potential customers, all while building the relationships and trust needed to create a long-term and loyal customer base.