Using famoid to grow your instagram account the right way

The platforms like Instagram allow us to share our lives with the world and connect with people across geographies. For content creators, entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses, Instagram offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their work and grow their audience.  However, gaining followers organically on Instagram can be challenging. The Instagram algorithm makes it difficult for users to reach a wide audience easily. This is where growth services like Famoid come in. Famoid provides services to grow Instagram accounts quickly and safely.

Tips for natural-looking growth

When you buy Instagram followers, you want to ensure the growth looks natural. Sudden spikes in followers can appear suspicious to Instagram and your audience.  Here are some tips to keep in mind for natural-looking growth:

  1. Start Slowly

Don’t add thousands of buying instagram followers from Famoid instantly. Begin with smaller orders of 100 or 500 followers. Give 2-3 days between placing small orders. This gradual increase mirrors organic growth patterns.

  • Engage with your followers

Make sure to like posts, reply to comments, and follow back your new followers. Reciprocating their interest makes the profiles look more real.

  • Post consistently

Keep sharing high-quality posts consistently, apart from adding followers. This shows genuine user activity on your profile.

  • Balance followers and engagement

Don’t go overboard with only buying followers. Combine it with tactics to boost engagement like contests, UGC campaigns, etc. A good follower-engagement ratio avoids looking robotic.

  • Monitor your growth

Keep assessing metrics like followers gained, activity of followers, etc. to ensure everything looks natural. Make adjustments as required.

  • Optimize your profile

Make sure your Instagram profile is complete and optimized. Add a catchy bio, profile photo, and quality posts that give visitors a peek into your brand.

  • Post at the right time

Figure out when your audience is most active on Instagram and schedule posts accordingly. Services like Later allow you to plan your posts in advance.

  • Use relevant hashtags

Research the hashtags your target audience uses and include a mix of popular and niche hashtags in posts. This expands your reach.

  • Run contests and promotions

Contests are a proven way to build followers and engagement. Offer prizes and ask users to like, comment or tag others to enter.

  1. Collaborate with influencers

Get nano or micro-influencers in your niche to promote your brand to their followers. Offer them discounts or free products in exchange for posts.

  1. Advertise on instagram

Instagram Ads allow you to target users by demographics, interests, behaviors etc. and get your content in front of new audiences. Start small and scale up based on performance.

  1. Analyze your metrics

Use Instagram’s built-in analytics to identify your top-performing content. Make more of what resonates best with your audience.