Questions to ask during a caregiver interview for home care providers

僱傭 agencies will help you get the ideal caregiver. Interviews are very important as they determine job performance. But you have to know that not all interviews are the same. Before going into the hiring process, you have to select the interview questions carefully as it can make the difference between getting an employee who is ready to take the job vs. one that has rehearsed their answers. 

The following are some of the questions for a caregiver interview to give you in the interview process as a home care provider.

Direct questions regarding past experiences and what made them come to your agency

The questions are direct to the point:

  • What skills do you have to qualify you for the job?
  • What skills do you have working with caregiving?
  • What made you leave your last job?
  • What made you want to apply to work at this agency?
  • What motivates you to work hard, especially when there is no motivation?

They are straightforward questions that might not be challenging to the candidates, but they are there to help you understand the background of the caregiver and skill set. There is the type of questions that require certain answers or a set of answers, which is the perfect way of identifying the potential that the caregiver will be a great fit for your agency for home care.

Direct questions are also good to enable you to find out the interest the candidate has in working in the specific agency position. You have to determine their career level and goals and how they will evolve in the agency to ensure you meet their needs, and they meet yours. Hiring is two-way traffic, and the direct questions help in emphasizing that. 

Behavioral questions 

If the caregiver has acted in a certain way in the past, there is a possibility of acting the same way in the future. That is why, behavioral questions are about situations in the past to try predicting potential future work. You can ask questions such as :

  • Talk about a difficult client and how you were able to deal with the situation
  • Share a time during your work schedule that you were reprimanded. How did you react to the correction?

Such questions are all about personality and the interpersonal conduct of the candidate instead of their skills. As the employer, it is up to you to ensure that you are picking on candidates that have the etiquette and temperament that is necessary to perform the job function of a caregiver successfully.  You can use behavioral questions in detecting how the interviewees tend to feel when they are under pressure.

Hypothetical questions 

While the behavioral questions are about the past actions of the caregiver, the hypothetical questions focus on possible situations in the future.

  • What are you likely to do if your client refused to take their medication?
  • What would be your reaction if your client started shouting at you?