Where are the best places to find delivery work?

Being an owner operator brings you immense freedom but it can also make you financially insecure. You may have the fear of running out of work. Hence it is important that you pick your load strategically for a better payoff. It will allow you to potentially earn more money and also have a strong network. It will allow you to develop long-lasting relationship with shippers with time.  If as an owner-operator, you want to find the best places for delivery work, then there are two major ways: use a load board and build relationships.

Build relationships

It may take around 3-4 consecutive loads to build a healthy relationship with a shipper or broker. Once you do a shipment for someone, try to do it more often. This will help them recognize your name and number. The more relationships you can make, the better it will be for you.

Interaction helps in making or breaking the relation

Effective communication skill is the base to build any relation. It is the primary complaint of customers if not done right. Shippers need to speak to the truckers and vice versa. Hence, your communication skills over phone, mail or text should be smooth. Alert your shipper about the transaction and keep them updated with the details.

Remember, communication doesn’t end at delivery. You can keep enquiring them about the next load.

Use a load board

Load boards are very helpful in finding loads.  Lot of shippers posts their loads for transportation there. All you need to do is find a load suitable for you and go for it.

Use your network

Work with people whom you have known from before. Then shift your focus to load boards if there aren’t any jobs available through your contacts.

Explore market potential

The biggest sign of a good market is the number of loads in against number of loads out. If more loads leave from a place, then it is a good indicator that there will be more loads available for trucker.

Plan well

Drivers ready to deliver anywhere and haul any load may earn more than those with filters. Hence, in order to pick more loads on your drive, make an efficient strategy

Check for loads in advance

If you are planning to drive tomorrow, then make sure you look for loads 48 hours before it. Bid on the loads enlisted by shippers as soon as they are listed so that you are the first one to catch the attention of the shipper. Now shippers and truckers are more inclined to crack a deal in advance. Go for pre-book loads so that you have better rates and more work for you.

Use load boards in the best possible way

It is suggested that you explore all the specs and facilities offered by load boards so that you can enhance your chances of getting better delivery work for you. Find out about the rates and trends and play along. Surely you will get the right loads for you.