How To Create A Restaurant Website?

The creation of a professional showcase site is a must for restaurant owners and, in general, for all tourism professionals (restaurants, breweries, hotels). Whether Thai or international, customers first look for their restaurant and Chicago Food Blog on the web.

The creation of a restaurant showcase website is the ideal solution, as long as it respects the rules, both in terms of the restaurant design (ออกแบบร้านอาหาร ,which is the term in thai) and SEO whether you go through a web agency or decide to make your website alone, using website creation software, the tips for building an effective restaurant website that we detail in this web page apply.

Restaurant Website: Essential Information

A visitor who visits a restaurant website will focus on:

Its Location: A highly visible location map, such as Google Maps, is essential. Ideally, locate points such as parking lots or transportation around your establishment. Take advantage of it to create your Google My Business account. It’s free and gives you great visibility on the search engine result page,

The Type Of Cuisine: Your message needs to be clear, and you need to dedicate a full web page to talk about it. A traditional restaurant site is also not structured in the same way as a pizza site. Present your menus, the menu of dishes, the selected wines. This part of your restaurant site should be the envied.

Rates And Availability:  It is important to immediately give a reference rate to allow the user to judge whether his budget is respected. Similarly, indicate the means of contact in a legible way (email and phone number).

The Atmosphere Of The Restaurant: In addition to the features on which you have to be precise (terrace, air conditioning, wi-fi, disabled access, opening hours, group meals, …) salivate the user with beautiful pictures of the room, your main dishes, your cooked. These images must be large enough to be visible on tablets and smartphones. Be demanding on their quality, which should be at least 960 pixels wide,

The contact Page: It must be clear and precise with your email, your phone, the address of your restaurant, a link to your social networks (Facebook, Pinterest) or a proposal for a newsletter.

Depending on the website creation software used, you will be able to use templates dedicated to the creation of a restaurant showcase website. The most important thing is to make sure that these restaurant templates are really and easily modifiable, so you can create a beautiful landscape design (รับออกแบบภูมิทัศน์ which is the term in thai) website and a unique site.

The main pages (menu – prices – services – contact us) must be accessible from the menu with explicit links so that the user does not doubt what he will find in each of them.

Think that your clientele can be at the other end of the world. A version of your restaurant website in English multiplies your chances of being visible.

Finally, your restaurant website must first and foremost put forward your work tool. The challenge is to facilitate contact and reservation.