Here’s why people always choose new technologies over the old ones:

In the world of technology and science, there are numerous discoveries and inventions that occurs on a daily basis. If a company wants to keep themselves in the market, then they have to pay attention to the new technology. No person wants to buy a piece of tech that is primitive and inefficient. Newer technologies are an upgrade for a reason. They are better than their predecessors in terms of performance. Every device that you might be using right now will have some serious upgrades in just a few months or even days. This is how the world of technology works. There is no place for a device or an equipment that can easily be outperformed by a new piece in market. Consumers only want to buy a product that is latest and can give them the best performance in their budget.

Read this to know how standard ethernet is getting replaced:

Every piece of tech becomes obsolete in a few years. People start to choose product with newer technology integration in it. The same thing is going to happen with the Ethernet. It is going to be replace with the tsn technology. TSN stands for Time-Sensitive Networking. Its biggest advantage will be to the automotive industries. At this point of time, it has been predicted that the market for TSN will be larger than that of industrial ethernet.

Rise in sales of newer technology because of this reason:

Nowadays, it has been seen that almost every person adapts to the new products more easily than ever before. The first reason behind this is that most of the newly launched technology is cheaper or as of same price as its predecessors. The second reason is people have become more open minded to adapt newer products easily. They are not afraid of learning how to use a totally different device. In fact, they are curious to learn it and see its results.