Documents and Information needed in Shipment of Products

Globalization has led to the import and export of substances all over the world from a specific place. It has led to an increase in the shipping [การขนส่งทางเรือ, which is the term in Thai] business as well.

Transferring heavy materials is a very time taking work and above all, it is very risky. Entrepreneurs choose the most reliable companies for the shipment of their products. Machinery such as refrigerators, factory machines, etc, can’t be transferred by air transport since they are exported in large amounts. Therefore, shipping by sea [การขนส่งสินค้าทางเรือ, term in Thai],is the attest means of transport for export and import.

The process of shipment includes certain essential documents when we consider foreign trade. The availability of documents is very crucial to the shipping company. The documents include:

·        Name of the sender and his details with identity proof.

Whosoever is exporting the products has to give all the details regarding his identity for verification. The address of the person has to be mentioned with specifies pin code and country name.

·        Name of the receiver as well.

The details about the company or the person have to be mentioned for safe delivery of the products and in safe hands with the full, appropriate and relevant address with the country to be transported to. Charges of the transport are evaluated by the distance the ship covers.

·        Details of the product.

Product details include the weight, height, and quantity of the material inside the packed boxes so that there could be no bluff at the end of the delivery. Also, there exists a prohibited list of substances to be not exported by the waterways. The information on the product would let the company warn or deny the transport beforehand.

·        Invoice and the mode of payment of the products.

The sender has to provide the invoice note to the shipment company as proof that it can deliver to the receiver at the other side.

There has been a boom in the shipment by sea due to the increased trade between the countries overseas. It has become a very significant trade around the world. Online traders have flourished a lot these past years that provide options to the business people working in the area as well. It’s a cheap way of exportation and import than the airways that makes it very flexible to use.