Astonishing Ways To Promote Your Custom-made Products In A Marketing Event

There are many ways to use custom made products or promotional products at marketing events, trade shows, and conventions. One important fact is to use products that promote the company’s mission or the product’s that they make. An example is if you manufacture cars, an air freshener for cars makes a good giveaway. When the company makes computer-related products or phones a battery charger or USB keyring might be an effective giveaway.

Design the products for the customers or market segment that the company sells to. Know the audience and the message that is being conveyed. If the company makes green products you might give away reusable tote bags or water bottles. This is just one example of using promotional products effectively. 

When designing your promotional products include a logo, company name, address, and contact information. That helps promote the company products to new customers and vendors. Perhaps, include the company website and social media following. Try to talk with everyone at your convention or marketing event that obtains the promotional item.

Talk about your company products or services for a few minutes with each person. Hand them a brochure or information about the company and what it does. Promotional products are designed as a sales tool, to get customers to contact the company. It is important to talk with new people as they are potential buyers.

Marketing Before the Convention or Special Event

Contact your customers and vendors that will attend the event, a month or a few weeks before it occurs. You can contact them by email, phone, or even social media. Give them the booth number or location, and tell them that there is a special promotional gift waiting for them. This can be done with potential customers, too. 

Keep promotional giveaways out of sight so that your staff can hand them out to potential customers. Hand them out to those employees have spoken to or that you personally know. Another tactic is to ask them for a business card or to fill out a lead information form. This is a way to follow up at the office after the convention. 

Other Strategies For Using Promotional Products

  1. Display the promotional product on the table with the newly launched products that the company is selling. An example is having promotional pens near the new cell phones the company designed or the new eco-friendly cleaning products. Promotional products look better displayed with real-world consumer products.
  2. Try to engage your customer senses when you’re handing out the promotional products. Show a video of the company’s new products, only after the customer has watched a video. Brochures, talking with customers, or handing out very unusual custom products is a way to engage the customer. A candy company that hands out custom beach balls that have to be blown up is one example of engaging your customers. 
  3. Create a discount coupon or gift certificate to go with the promotional items. This gives potential customers a reason to contact the company in the future. Think about what type of promotional products that you want to use to promote the business. 
  4. Preparing ahead of time on how to use promotional products helps increase sales and brand awareness. Defining and knowing the audience that you’re selling to an essential step. For more info here on how to market custom products read this article.

These promotional giveaways are important because they increase traffic to the table or booth. They give potential customers a way to contact the company about future business. Promotional items increase brand awareness and company image. Often it gives the company an edge over the competition.