Top 7 Open Source Project Management Tools for Agile Teams

Basically, effective project management means getting the job done on a specific period of time within the correct approach. It is a framework of behaviors and methods that encourage timely production, enabling project teams to complete projects on time. Agile encourages almost everything, including design, development and testing. Unlike the traditional approach, where one phase is closed and completed before the next one begins, parts of the project are done simultaneously.

However, agile encourages short and frequent repetitive loops and approves changes. In traditional project management, feedback is usually not collected until the end of the project and requires change. By managing the project management tools, you are 100 percent results-oriented. In particular, your ultimate goal is customer satisfaction with the product that comes with it. However, the responsibility of the project manager is not limited to this, but one must obtain PMP certification in Texas for better understandings. One need to coordinate team workflow, assign tasks, track progress, keep track of deadlines, and complete additional tasks.

Open-Source Management Tool

Open-source project management and software tools are computer software whose code is available with the proper permission of the copyright owner and gives them full rights to research, repair and distribute. Open-source software can be created individually or in collaboration and can be downloaded into repositories. For later formulation, modification and distribution, if deemed appropriate by the Licensee. It is basically understood as a development model that aims to provide broad access to specific software codes/programs design across the market.

Best Open-Source Project-Management Tools

Following the top 7 open-source project-management tools:


My-Collab is considered as a group of total 3 cooperation units designed for midsize and small industries: management of plans, managing the relationship with clients, as well as the development of documents and software excision. All the same, it is considered that dual accrediting choices are available, based on a nice marketable version that runs faster and faster locally or in the cloud, and an open shared-version, the version we’re interested in. The community version lacks cloud capabilities and is slower because it does not use the query store but provides the necessary project management features, including tasks, problem management, action flow, Kan-ban path views, and lively teams who have done with the credentials of Linux administrator certification in Texas with respect to the crosswise spreadsheet.


The concept of the open project is known as an influential tool of project management which is remarkable for their easiness as well as it has a characteristic of project management along with the collaboration of teamwork. Open project module works with the planning and preparation of different projects, announcement of such plans, stalking of time, reports the budget, make financial arrangements and track viruses. However, the flexible functionality, comprising history creation, sprint prioritization and project tracking, has been integrated with other Open-Project entities. Open-Project also offers to host and support services that are paid for by the host, which include features like custom branding, easy one-time signup, additional metadata and some U-X convenience.


Phabricator is an assemblage of Phacility web-applications and contains many more projects than a project releases on its point of sale. It is unusual for a company to intentionally underestimate its product, which is a Phacility model but doesn’t be fooled by its modesty. The manifesto is designed to track bugs and versions, Kan-ban desktop projects, Git shows, blogs, educational wikis, C-I or C-D, group conversation cohesion and more. Everything is integrated, so managing a Kan-ban “bug” doesn’t have to affect your bug guide. There is also a dashboard for all data, so you can track progress at all levels. Phabricator is used in many application projects, including some major K-D-E applications such as Kden-live, so teams around the world have proven their success. It is constantly evolving and tends to be open to comments and improvements.


On the Internet, Git-lab is known as a website that hosts open projects in Git sources. However, in companies and organizations, Git-lab might be better known as a local open-source program and web project management application. You can pay for hosting plans or run them yourself. If you use the community version, you only control open stuff. The Git-lab community version is distributed under M-I-T license and supports rapid development through Scrum and Kan-ban, print planning, epics, spell check, documents, dashboards, graphics, scheduling, automation, C-I or C-Ds and further. The benefits are numerous, including the general knowledge of the contractor. While many developers may have learned Git-hub from Microsoft or just pure Git (Git-hub, Git-lab, and many other open-source weekends), it’s reasonable to assume that they understand Git through the web interface. For project managers managing the show, the Git-lab interface is intuitive, stable and powerful. The project manager never has to leave Git-lab. You can do everything from assigning tasks and designing surveys to receiving merge requests and deleting a branch through the Git-lab interface.


The other project management software is Odoo which is fully united occupational application group which comprises HR, web pages and electronic commerce, portfolios and records, manufacturing and other tools related to the management of marketing. As compared to the waged enterprise group, there are minimum features available for free and open-source public edition. Odoo’s application of project management consists of Kanban-style task-tracking vision for responsive members of the team, and it was upgraded in their recent release that is Odoo 11.0, and the purpose is to contain a progress bar along with animation in order to follow the status of the project. This tool of project management also comprises Gantt graphic representation, everyday jobs, problems, charts, and much more. Odoo has a successful municipal which is responsible for user guidelines and other resources of training.


Another platform of open source project management is Taiga which emphases on the progress of Agile and Scrum, along with the characteristics that consist of gallops, Kanban board, and blockbusters. There are several other characteristics that comprise the management of tickets, web pages and other incorporations of 3rd party. Furthermore, Taiga provides a free of cost applications for I-O-S, Android, and the devices of Windows, as well as they, delivers import tools which make them easy to transfer from different famous applications of project management. However, this is considering as unrestricted for the communal developments without limiting the number of jobs or users. There are a number of paid programs like Linux administrator certification in Texas available for private construction, but the functionality of the software is the same regardless of the organization you choose.


Tuleap is a lifelong management application designed to manage projects of all types of teams – small, medium, large, cascade, agile, or fusion – on the other hand, their maintenance for agile teams is very noticeable. Notably, it offers support for Scrum, Kan-ban, sprints, everyday jobs, intelligence, constant assimilation, builds ups, and many more. Other features include issue tracking, document tracking, collaboration tools, and integration with Git, Jenkins, and S-V-N, all of which make it an appealing choice for open source software development projects. Particularly, it provides support for Kan-ban, Scrum, sprints, everyday jobs, intelligence, constant assimilation, builds ups, and many more. Other main characteristics consist of follow-ups of tracking, follow-ups of documents, tools for the association, and mixing with Jenkins, S-V-N, Git, and all of them enables an attractive selection for open source projects of software progress.

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