How to Store and Pack Things in Storage Boxesfor a Move

Storage boxes play a vital role in the process of shifting your goods from one place to another. When moving a house is concerned, storage boxes are listed under first few essentials. This comes next only to the situation of how to find a moving company. While we all know the value of a storage box and use them too but we generally do not use them to their full potential. If you want to make sure you treat your belongings appropriately so they arrive at your destination unharmed, be sure the boxes are of good quality. There are a few tips and tricks that can guide you to choose the right moving boxes, pack the boxes carefully, and then store those boxes the right way.

  1. Keep Like Items Together

Start your packing from one particular place and don’t start everything altogether. Though packing up your belongings can feel overwhelming, but it’s easier if you start in one location. Break your packing process down to one small area at a time and group similar items together like items that are of similar size and weight, and take care and protect even your tiniest belongings. Use brightcoloured wrapping papers to wrap small knick-knacks so that you don’t accidentally throw anything out. At that point Furniture Removals in New Zealand is ideal.

  1. Pack Fragile and Breakable Items Carefully

Wrap your fragile and breakable items properly and carefully. Over packing them is better than under packing if you want them in one piece while unpacking. Never store plates and dishes flat in storage boxes, place them on sides. Don’t forget to keep paper paddings between each plate, bowl or dish if you are stacking them up.

  1. Keep the Boxes Manageable

Don’t store all the heavy stuff in one box, keep them manageable and don’t overload them. A box should be easy to lift. Use small or medium size boxes to store heavy items like heavy crockery pieces and books.

  1. Fill them Up

Don’t leave in space while storing stuff. Fill every space without making it too heavy to carry. Boxes that aren’t completely full might collapse when they’re stacked so add excess packing if you have to.

  1. Seal and Label the Boxes

Once a box is fully packed then seal them with packing take and don’t forget to label them. Wrap the packing tape across the top and sides carefully with a strong tape. Label each box with the room it belongs to and contents stored in it.

  1. Stack Them Like Bricks

Don’t stack the boxes one above another. Stack them as we stack bricks in a wall. It will create a sturdy tower that can stand without falling.

  1. Create Aisles to Easily Move the Boxes

Create aisles between box stacks to make it easier to move them at the time of loading.

Right moving boxes and proper packing and storing ensure your belongings are in good hands. From packing them up, to filling them the right way, and stacking them appropriately will help your movers to take good care of your items contained in these boxes while loading them into the truck. You can always take help from cheap moving companies, who not only help you with the packing but also provide moving boxes as well. This way you can ensure that your move is damage free and smooth.