Need to translate any document:

Many times, people have to face the issues of translating a document into another language. And not every people know every language. That is why hiring a translation company will be a good idea. The translation company provides the translation of any document into various languages. It doesn’t matter what is the type of the document, whether it is birth certificate, law document or something else. The translation company is there to help their clients in every aspect of translating a document.

Just hire them for any translation-related work and leave the rest on them. The approximate time for any document is less than 3 days. But if there are many pages, then it might take some more time.

Translation company in Silom, Thailand

If someone looking for a translation company in Silom, then there is no need to worry. There is translation service near “Silom” [รับแปลเอกสารสีลม, which is the term in Thai] available for people. Most of the translation service provides a translation of the document into 20 to 22 other languages. And the rate is affordable like for English to Thai is 350 to 400 baht. It would take around 2 days for 1 to 5 pages of translation. But the rate can differ according to difficulty level of the document.

Any type of document will be translated

Legal documents, house registration, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc any documents will be translated in the translation company. It just that the amount of time but if it is less than 5 pages then it would take just two days. More than five pages need some more time. And the rate is changed according to the difficulty of document. But overall the client will get a satisfactory result by hiring them. Just hire any translation company for translating the documents.

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