How To Seal A Business Deal Over Lunch

Sealing a business deal is always an achievement, no matter where and when it happens. Major business deals that will have a big impact on the company are those that require the most time and attention. This usually means giving the potential business partner or client an experience they will never forget. Basically, your company needs to look, act, and be impressive to seal the deal.

Here are a few tips and tricks all business owners should keep under their belt in case they need to guarantee a business deal over lunch and any other time:

  1. Don’t Forget You Are Still Working

It can be easy to forget that you are still in talks for a deal when you are on a business meal with a partner or client. Never make the mistake of acting too chummy and unprofessional as this can lead to the fall out of the deal. Remember that the business meal is still part of your work, even if it is beyond your working hours or it happens during your lunch hour.

Be relaxed, but not overly relaxed that you get too personal. Always be professional as you are the face of the company and your potential partner is still judging you and your actions.

  1. Offer And Impressive Lunch Menu

If the business deal is happening within the office during lunchtime, dazzle the client with an impressive business lunch catering spread. Find out what their favorite food and drinks and include it on the menu. Taking this extra step will make the client feel like they are VIPs and they will respond kindly to your efforts.

Don’t forget that the business lunch catering menu should match the atmosphere of the deal. Always consider the feel of the business meeting because serving a 3-course meal, no matter how impressive won’t be appreciated if you don’t have the right table set-up.

  1. Don’t Get Side-Tracked

Even if the food is delicious and everyone is enjoying their meal, it is never acceptable to forget about the agenda. Your goal is to seal the deal with the investor, partner, or client before the lunch meeting is over, do not forget that. If you get sidetracked during the discussion, be sure to bring back the topic of the deal right away.

You don’t want to waste an entire lunch meeting and an incredible catered meal only to delay the deal another day, week, or even month. Stick to the agenda, no matter what!

  1. Talk, Engage, Pay Attention

Although there are food and drinks during the meeting, this is not an excuse to stay quiet. The purpose of the meeting and the meal is to talk about the deal at hand with the other party. Be sure to engage in conversation and pay attention to what the other person is saying. This is will impress others and make them more confident with the deal they are about to sign.

Be ready to impress, plan the menu and the agenda for the meeting. The more confident and prepared you are for the business meal, the better you stand at impressing the other party.

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