Everything One Needs to Know about Gold Metal Business Cards

Customized business cards have been gaining a lot of popularity in the present market of late. The Brass coating finish of a typical gold metal business card that is ordered by businessmen and corporate tycoons are usually given a brass finish, which is effortless and looks impeccable. This gives it a smooth and appealing texture. Some of the finishes that truly make the gold metal business cards stand out and be noticed have been mentioned in the list given below.

Brushed Finish: 

The brushed finish has become a popular add on to the standardized finish as it gives a much more flattering and professional look to the card. This makes the business card a lot more distinguishable and appealing in a professional setting. The most advantageous feature of this particular finish is the added protection that is being provided to card against fingerprints that tends to develop on them which in turn creates an unflattering look. 

Textured Finish: 

Giving a personalized addition to business cards has always been trendy. A textured finish, though not typically used, is indeed a great way to lay ground to promoting the business among individuals from various backgrounds. The textured finish gives a unique feature to the gold metal business card. 

Glossy Finish: 

A glossy finish gives the card a reflective background which makes it quite impressive and luxurious. This could be used for cards that are assigned to individuals that hold positions higher up on the corporate ladder. 

Rose Gold Finish: 

The latest development revolves around the creation of a gold metal business card that has a rose gold finish. This is indeed a unique feature and will definitely be striking.

A few of the features of the gold metal business cards have been given in the list below: 

  • The rounded edges that are provided ensure the safety of the cardholder, as it prevents accidental cuts.
  • The dimensions of the business cards are usually standardized unless mentioned otherwise.
  • The metal nature of the business card makes sure that it is durable and long-lasting. This is greatly advantageous to the customers.
  • The surface of these cards could be personalized with the necessary details that one would require, this could include the customer name, company name, designation, office number, and the address of the office. The company logo could also be incorporated into the design of the gold metal business card. 

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