Importance of packaging for every product:

Packaging of every product is very necessary in order to protect it. Off course many people have seen the packaging of every product that they bought. Whether it is just a coffee mug or mobile. The packaging is always done nicely with the product. So, that the components came with the product should be arranged well and as well as for the protection too. Without the packaging, the product will no be safe. And, also the packaging also ensures that the product hasn’t been used. The customer who bought the product is the first one to use that particular product.

Nothing can be sent or sold without the proper packaging. If the product is not packed in Carton [กล่องกระดาษ, which is the term in Thai] box properly then it’ll get damaged. Because the product needs to be shipped from one country to another country. And if it is not properly packed then there will not be a single piece that is not damaged.

Product packaging in carton box

Even after packing the product another layer of protection is added. That is the carton box in which 5 or 10 pieces of a product is further packed. So, the product can get an extra layer of safety. So, that it doesn’t get damaged. And number of pieces that comes in the carton box depends on the size of the product. The pieces in the carton box will vary according to shape and size. Although the carton box is provided to give the product an extra amount of safety.

Safety matters for the product

Safety of the product always matters for the company. If there is no safety of the product then there will not be any money that can be generated. So, giving safety to the product is always necessary.