Why Payroll Services Work for Businesses Small to Large

The world of work is changing—it’s becoming more fluid, dynamic and exciting. Now is a great time to be in business. When we are discovering how to connect the world in faster, more direct ways. But no matter how advanced our technology gets, it will always come down to the heart and soul of what drives business – the people.

People are what make a business work. They are the lifeblood of where the business has been and where it is going. Some like to keep their team small, and some companies have complex structures of workers that are better suited for their business. No matter what your scope, all businesses have to deal with payroll.

The main tasks involved in payroll are:

  1. Calculate paychecks and distribute them
  2. Keep financial records of the employees’ information (wages, deductions and pay for time not worked)

What are your options? You could do this yourself, employ a bookkeeper, or find an external company like People Group Services that deals primarily with payrolls.

There’s a reason why outsourcing is so popular amongst business, whether you’re a limited company or a corporation they can have their benefits.

One of the biggest benefits for any business is that they make sure the business remains compliant.  All payroll services ensure they follow good practice with up-to-date regulations. Whether that is making sure the correct amount of tax is deducted or paying wages on time. These help to keep a business healthy.

Small business

  • Contractors

If you are an individual who works across different industries, an external payroll service can help you find all your details in one place which is available at any time.

  • Track record

A smaller business who is new to the game may be less aware of changing legislation—these hidden catches can cost you up to 25% in tax. With a payroll service, you are paying for expertise and experience.

  • IT infrastructure

For a small business to create the right IT infrastructure for payroll costs time and energy. The complexities of creating and maintaining a system are often underestimated. If you are not a business specialising in technology, the work required is ten-fold.

Large business

  • Uncomplicated

An external service helps to place everybody under one roof and does the work for you.

  • Freedom

Employees are able to access the service via App or online web chat 24/7. This means payroll enquiries can be done independently, giving the worker more agency and the company more time to be doing what they are paid for rather than tracking down HR on behalf of the employee.

  • Audits

Large companies and organisations are more likely to be under scrutiny by HMRC to make sure their taxes are being paid correctly. With bigger business come more paper trails, having an external company take care of this for you gives you more security. With knowledge and dedicated focus, comes peace of mind with knowing that some of the responsibility is shared.

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