Want to stay updated about the latest developments in international trade? Here are 3 ways to do that from home!

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) early this year led to numerous companies to ask their employees to work from home. With the substantial wreck of the economy and sudden deflection in the normalcy of work across industries, there has been quite an impact in the export-import industry as well.

Now you may have to limit your time and work indoors during this self-quarantine period, however, that does not mean you have to deprive yourself of the important export import news. To keep up with the latest developments and trends along with the current status of the export-import industry, there are several ways that will help you with staying up to date with the current news on a daily basis. So, don’t lose hope, keep calm, don’t stir crazy and let’s figure this out together!

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3 Ways to Keep Yourself Updated on export-import news from Home!


The conventional way of keeping up to date with the export import news- watching the television and flipping through channels- is not the ideal or convenient way to acquaint yourself with the latest export import news. The latest shipping news highlights how container ship operators are claiming that the coronavirus havoc has become their biggest crisis since 2009. Dozens of sailings have already been cancelled, and several vessels are being idled at a record pace. Now to help yourself navigate through similar export import news as per your convenience & to become aware of what is happening across the globe- given below are the 3 different ways to get yourself news-enriched.

  1. Downloading Apps: You can make a list of apps and audiobooks that share export import news on a daily basis. Then check on the customer reviews for these applications, to figure out the glitches and what may work the best for you- this also helps you figure out if the news covers your targeted geography. On finalizing a couple of apps for export import news based on your checklist, hit download and don’t forget to turn on the notifications. As far as the statistics go, humans are more likely to read the news from notifications than open the app once in a while to acquire all the information. These apps will help you stay apprised on the export import news; you can also catch up on the podcasts provided by many news, and website apps.
  1. Subscribing to Newsletters: Newsletters simplify the process of you following up with the latest news of any specific category. You can easily follow the market moves and keep yourself up to date on all the groundbreaking news across the export-import industry as and when it happens. It’s more like when you are sifting through the whole internet, struggling to find what you need, this is the knight in an informative armour. Also, at times, you may be unsure of what exactly you might be looking for on the internet. On the other hand, subscribing to relevant newsletters on export import news let you open your inbox every day to a chock-full of fresh, trending, relevant news articles, per se on the export-import industry. These daily e-mail articles have some of the best and credible content curated by diverse experts, thus keeping you well-fed on the necessary information.

Quick Tip: Figure out some popular, relevant, informational websites on export import news and subscribe to their newsletters. You can create a separate email id exclusively for this. That way you can receive all the export import news & facts without them being lost in a pool of other mails


  1. Online Search: Despite the digitalization and technological convenience well served on a plate to us, the old-school online search technique using search engines might be the best way to get requisite information on a particular segment. This method proves to be particularly efficient when you know what you are looking for, and just need to be updated with the information. Then all you have to do is type out your query regarding the export import news and hit enter to traverse through the search results. With online search, you need to ensure having clarity on what you are looking for, and on the credibility of the platform(s) that you are relying on for the news.