Want to restore your tezos with the help of Ico – Read this article

If you’re facing any problem in recovering your Tezos account, you are in the right place. The exciting fact about Tezbox Restore Ico is that when you download the Tezbox wallet, you can own an interest amount of your share. Don’t worry if you have any problem regarding the digital account because the help center team will reach you soon and solve your queries. All you need to do is to make a complaint from your registered mobile number or email address.

E-wallets are used to store money, and technically they are known as public keys and private keys of the person. You can quickly transfer money from one person to another as it helps in forming a block chain. Sometimes people forget their accounts password and face difficulty in opening it. So if you face any problem, then you can visit customer care services.

Step-by-step procedure to restore your account

If you are facing a difficulty, you should follow each step correctly to recover your account quickly. Recovery of digital accounts is quite simple for the operator as all the passwords are linked with their mobile number. If you cannot remember the password, then you should write it on your mobile notes. So if you want to recover your account through Tezbox Restore Ico –

Firstly, you should remember your public key, which usually begins from Tz1. If you don’t know your public key, you should remember the email address you mentioned for Ico. With the help of an email address and password, you can log in to your account quickly. So it would be best if you always put secure passwords which you can remember in the future. Ensure that you should not mention your key number as they are not asking any private key number. Don’t get confused between private and public key as both play different roles.

Secondly, you can get your activation code when you put your mobile number. The system you get will help in the verification process. You should complete your KYC process to get back to your account. After the verification gets completed, you will receive a one-time password for your public key. Put the numerical digit password carefully to avoid any mistakes. Sometimes KYC process takes several days to verify your account. Once you get your KYC code, you can easily log in to your account and change its password.

Important tip– Never share your private key password with anyone because if you share your specific key number, your account will no longer ensure safety. It would be best if you kept a unique password so that no one can identify quickly.

To sum up with

To conclude this article here, we have discussed the procedure of restoring our account from Ico. The process is explained in steps so that the reader can quickly get the information. Don’t worry if you forget your password because the recovery method is straightforward and simple.