The basics of SEO agencies: What Do SEO Companies Really Offer?


What is SEO and how could it help your business? This article will be discussing the basics of SEO – its services, the benefits of gaining traffic and client acquisition through digital marketing techniques.

SEO Services – The basics of Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is a combination of processes and techniques used to make edits to web sites that will result in ranking a website higher. SEO agencies offer services to numerous websites designed to improve both their search engine visibility and online presence. One of the biggest goals of an SEO agency is to build trust and authority with web users and with Google.

An SEO company’s mission throughout a digital marketing campaign ranges from boosting organic traffic to increasing sales by ranking high in targeted search results. From web design to personalized strategies, professionals working in the SEO industry will provide the consulting, tools and data necessary to deliver web traffic. Each SEO company goal is to grow the client’s business. The measurements for growth can differ for each business and an SEO campaign will target the specific needs required for each client. ROI is measured differently with many businesses looking to acquire more sales while others are looking for lead generation or

SEO services: The types and specifics
Initially, services provided by SEO are categorized into two technical fields:

  • Onsite SEO. This type of service focuses on transforming your website into a search-engine-friendly site. How? Tags will do the trick. Relevant keywords are added, site speed is increased, and internal linking is done.
    • Offsite SEO. The tactics used in this service center on updating online directories (citations) and earning high-domain authority backlinks. The by-product? A higher ranking for your website.

    Not every SEO agency specialize in the mentioned techniques. These tactics require a higher degree of technical expertise (onsite) and high-quality backlinks (offsite). SEO companies usually provide services such as:


  • Evaluating your website. The structure of your site and the density of its coding and keyword are assessed to determine its strengths and weaknesses, before proceeding to create a strategy. They will also turn to look at your business goals and target audience.
    • Creating an SEO strategy for the long run. After evaluating and analyzing your website, the professionals will draft a personalized SEO strategy.
    • Optimizing load speed for best results. SEO services ought to lend a web developer with technical SEO skills that will optimize website load speed to provide a greater user experience and fix issues that could slow your website down.
    • Keep your citations updated. While there are countless online directories worldwide, your partnered SEO agency can help determine which online directory is relevant to keep listings updated, thus increasing the leads and eventually building online reputation.
    • Backlinks for relevance. Backlinks have previously discussed earlier, and it just simply means a website linking to another. Of course, the content between both must be relevant. Google then responds by giving your website a higher organic ranking – that is if your website is highly trafficked.

    The benefits of SEO services
    While considering the obvious benefits of working with an SEO company, here are some more advantages to think about.

  • Greater leads, sales, and revenue.
    • Improvement in search rankings and product placement.
    • Highly trafficked website.
    • Quantifiable results that could help boost your business.

    Build online Authority with SEO
    Is your business proactive in seeking new customers? You can build your business’s internal SEO team that will focus on increasing your site’s ranking. If the idea requires way too many resources, then consider Plan A- hiring an SEO agency. A reminder: SEO agencies focus on different tactics. The best firms you can trust are ones who are knowledgeable in both offsite and onsite tactics – vital expertise that will recommend the best strategy for boosting your reputation online.