Packaging For Export: Tips To Take Into Account

The packaging for export is a very important part of any sales process, as this depends on your product arrives in perfect condition to your destination. A series of factors must be taken into account to choose which is the appropriate packaging, and a prior study must have been done.

To which country is it going to be exported? With what means of transport is it going to be done? What type of merchandise will be sent? These are some of the questions you have to ask before choosing the paper box (กล่องลังกระดาษ, which is the term in Thai) for your shipments.

Packing Tips For Export

One of the relevant factors is the country to which the merchandise will be exported. Each country has its own customs laws and, although many of them are common to most countries, others are not and could affect your shipment.

In addition, you must choose the means of transport in which the package will go. It is not the same that this is moved by boat to do it by truck. For each type of transport, different forms of cargo will have to be taken into account, and this could influence the package. Thus, it will be necessary to count on it when choosing the right packaging.

As for how the sealing should be, we have to add several guidelines here:

  1. Use pressure-sensitive tape: This should be at least 48mm wide, and we recommend polypropylene, duct tape or vinyl tape. These are the ones that offer greater durability and resistance.
  2. Avoid string or cellophane: It is also not recommended to use straps on packages weighing less than 30 kg.

The Label

The identification sticker must show the main information of the product, with its proper characteristics. It should be placed at the top of the package, in the area where it is most visible to see it clearly and quickly.

Special Handling

If your product is sensitive, fragile or for any other reason it must be treated specially, on the outside of the packaging, there must be some information that notifies the package handler in the transport and the destination that it must have extreme care.