Commercial Banks in Singapore: First among Equals

Banking ratings and comparisons are often fraught with conventions and assumptions. Therefore, serious business has a wary and benevolent attitude towards them. In other words, when deciding on choosing a financial institution for servicing, it is possible and necessary to use the data of well-known agencies, however, we would not recommend relying on them 100%. But there are exceptions to any rule.

Based on the above, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the results shown by three well-known Singaporean banks – DBS Bank, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, and United Overseas Bank Singapore. More about this bank you can find on

Singapore is a small but highly developed country. Therefore, there are quite a few structures that provide financial services and are engaged in business maintenance. There are seven banks with 100% “local” capital in Singapore alone, and about 90 more – with foreign capital. With such a concentration of banks, one would expect that fierce competition would negatively affect the range of services offered and their quality, but, fortunately, this did not happen.

As for the subheading issue, it is worthwhile to understand that all banks are primarily concerned with their own interests. That, you see, is quite logical, since they are commercial structures. But those financial institutions that belong to Singaporean beneficiaries also take into account the interests of their native jurisdiction, especially taking into account the explosive mixture of Eastern and European mentality that has formed here.

Singapore banks’ results (Fitch, Moody’s and S&P ratings are indicated, respectively, as well as the total number of points scored by a particular financial institution):

DBS Bank, 4th place (founded in 1968, net profit in 2017 – 4.504 billion SGD): AA-, Aa1, AA-, 23.

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, 5th place (founded in 1932, net profit in 2017 – 4.146 billion SGD): AA-, Aa1, AA-, 23.

United Overseas Bank, 7th place (founded in 1935, net profit in 2017 – 3.39 billion SGD): AA-, Aa1, AA-, 23.

A total of 50 banks participated in the testing. Among them are financial institutions from Canada, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, France, USA, Holland, Norway, Hong Kong, Finland, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, South Korea, Qatar, New Zealand, Belgium, UK and Chile.