Blogger vs. WordPress: A Blogging Venture? Or A Full Business Website?

Start with selecting a platform for blogging. Blogger is provided by Google as a free service or platform for blogging purpose. The Blogger service is simple and enables you to create a personal or corporate blog and have it published online in almost no time. On the other hand, WordPress is a multi-purpose, full-featured content management system (CMS) for quickly launching a new blog or developing a new company website.

Blogger or WordPress: Your choice?

The choice at this point depends greatly on whether your project will only stay as a single blog or will extend into other business services or even online shops. When your choice is Google’s Blogger, the functions will limit you to eventually stay as a blog. But when you set up through using WordPress, which is actually very much a website builder, you will have at least 10 times more different possibilities.

Even when you want to only stay on blogging for a long time, you should still buy your domain name (such as through Godaddy or Namecheap). This way, you can then configure your Blogger blog to use your top level domain name.

WordPress: Don’t get confused between the two types

There are two types of WordPress. One is when you sign up on, and you are given a free blog. The hosting is paid for and is fully controlled by The drawback is that with this service you cannot use your own top level domain name on your blog.

You will need to download the WordPress as a set of source files (for installation) from in order to enable the use of your own domain name. Alongside the domain name, you will have to subscribe to the purchase a web hosting service package, install WordPress on Siteground (assuming this is your purchased web hosting service/package), and set up all the required plugins. At this stage, you may configure your WordPress software beyond a simple blog and make it a company website or an ecommerce site selling products from a specific niche.


In a nutshell, Google’s Blogger platform is only better and probably simpler than WordPress when your sole purpose is to create a blog without future expanding into a full size business website. Also with Blogger, you can get only limited features. But if you are seriously into building a legitimate and long term a business and will be bringing your business into your local community (such as in the Hong Kong market), it is often better to consider using WordPress for both your company blog and website.