What Makes the Cardboard Pallets A Popular Choice?

Made of cardboard blocks or sheets, the cardboard pallets are just like wood pallets. And these are also the environmentally preferred method of stacking, storing, and transporting goods. These pallets come with under layers where spaces are inserted to allow the forklift blades to enter and therefore two more cardboard layers create the upper layer. Light, resistant, and polyvalent are three main words that define these pallets.

Being so lightweight, it becomes quite easy for people to avoid injuries while carrying these pallets. Apart from that, these pallets are easily customizable; therefore, these save the cost of transportation while expanding the truck loads. Besides, these pallets can also be recycled profitably and effectively. So, there is no need to ship back.

 Benefits of Cardboard Pallets:

  • These are Lightweight: 

    Some of the cardboard pallets weigh just one-third of the total weight of wood pallets. Being a light-weight shipping material, these pallets offer fuel and freight savings and result in more products in every shipment, making these perfect for export. Moreover, these factors also contribute to decreasing carbon emissions and therefore these pallets are highly preferred by the companies, who look for more sustainable and greener initiatives.


  • These are Hygienic:

     Paper pallets are often prepared using engineered products, which are perfectly suitable for cleanroom environments in non-wet food, pharmaceutical, and medical applications.

    These don’t require to be fumigated or heat-treated like wooden pallets to prevent the growth of fungi and mould or the transfer of insects during the manufacturing process that can contaminate the products.

    Now, the cardboard pallets boast strong resistant to humidity and moisture to prevent mould and other hygienic issues. Besides, the use of heavy-duty support cores, water-resistant adhesives, and heat resistant paper make sure that the products in these pallets are away from contaminants.


  • These are Strong: 

As cardboard pallets are lightweight, but these never mean that these are weak. Rather, cardboard pallets are built with cores, runners, and top sheets prepared from cardboard that works like a bridge.

Then with some engineering marvels, the cardboards come together to make reliable and strong mechanisms. Therefore, these pallets work as better options for many applications that need strength, weight, durability, and cost of export.


  • These are Highly Customizable: 

As these pallets are made using different types of materials, therefore these can be customized easily to fit particular requirements of applications while ensuring constant dimensional accuracy. This offers pallet tare weights that are highly consistent. And this is beneficial for businesses, who sell the products by ton or kilos. Besides, the materials used for preparing these pallets also offer smooth and clean design for printing for better tracking and enhanced branding of the products.


  • These are Environment-Friendly: 

    These pallets are largely made from recycled fibre contents making these highly recyclable. Besides, these pallets don’t need staples or nails, and therefore these can easily be recycled and bailed along with other cardboard products. Some of the companies even use cardboard pallets that are biodegradable, and non-hazardous and also come with water-resistant adhesives. 

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