Value of Book Keeping Services

In modern times, companies work as a Multi – National Corporation throughout the world. Henceforth, they face difficulties in organising their work in sequential manner. They hire a bookkeeper who keeps organisation economic data on textbook holding receivable, payable, daily commercial entries. They execute daily auditing tasks monthly financial reports, general ledger entries and file deposits and modification on regular basis. 

Bookkeeping scope of work

  • They are responsible of an organization accounts often known as general ledger. They record all agreement and provide financial transactions such as earnings, costs, sales revenue.
  • The responsibility of a bookkeeper could alter changes according to the size of the company and monetary needs.
  • You will have bookkeeper always show accounts in smaller companies that do not have their accountant in staff members.
  • Don’t regard bookkeeper out of the staff whether in small or big business. They are important segment of a company.
  • They do jobs like data entries, making accounts receivable and payable for small to big business that has separate house account department that stock the pay of employees and dealer payment accounts.
  • They do exactly the work of accountant to maintain records of data but they do not require accounting or business degree to find a job as an accountant.
  • Although to start a career an accountant, you must have degree in accounting, math or business in order to achieve employment in the accounting work.
  • A bookkeeper can gain employment without any degree it could limit in the improvement of the company.

Relevant skills and duties

  • Basic accounting knowledge
  • Awareness about account course
  • Theory of IFRS, Us Gaap or another accounting scheme
  • Data entry abilities
  • More focus on detail content
  • Efficiency of Microsoft excel
  • Give work with full perfectness
  • Expertise and systemic skills
  • Accompliance with a degree and own 1 year of experience in accounting field
  • Ability of XERO, QuickBooks, Zoho, Fresh books and other aspirant




All above tasks and operations are organised under bookkeeper who is responsible for all recording transactions and records data in a text book. But, becomes unlucky for a company who does not provide outcome in right direction. You can give company strike off services online. If you wish to shut down your company due to loss, you can apply for strike off online from MCA portal.  A practice of removing of name of the company shall be mentioned in the form STK-2 with penalty fees of 10,000 rupees. gives strike off LLP, Strike of OPC, company annual filing services. Consult the book keeping services to handle the business with ease. 


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