Truest Options for the Best Air Conditioning

One of the most important parts of acquiring an air conditioner is its competent and accurate installation. Reliable and durable operation of this valuable equipment depends on its quality. With the climatiseur GNR you can have the best deal now.


Installation of air conditioners is not just the inclusion of an air conditioner in the power grid, but a rather complicated installation process, which includes calculating the power of the air conditioning system, installing external and internal units, laying and connecting the mains. The installation of the air conditioner ends with the commissioning and test start of the air conditioner. Upon completion of installation, the system will be completely ready for use and operation.

  • When installing an air conditioner very often, an installation specialist solves a number of difficult technical issues, uses expensive professional equipment, resortes to using special lifting equipment and uses the services of industrial climbers. Often the installation of air conditioners is carried out in the room in which expensive repairs were made. Often the object of installation is an architectural monument or a beautiful building.

That is why, our SC pays great attention to the high quality of training of teams of installers. All our installation specialists undergo technical training before each new installation season, have their own vehicles and a complete set of necessary tools, are equipped with mobile communications.

First you need to understand the reasons why it is so important to conduct regular inspection of the air conditioner. Most families after purchasing and installing climate equipment forget about the need for its maintenance. Meanwhile, experts recommend that air conditioners be serviced twice a year: in the spring, before the start of the hot season, and in autumn, after its completion. If the equipment is installed in a place of increased load (office room with round-the-clock work), maintenance of the split system must be increased up to 3-4 times a year. During the operation of the air conditioner, dust, dirt, and small debris accumulate on the surface of the heat exchangers.

The lack of timely cleaning leads to sad consequences:

  • The accumulation of dust on filters and heat exchangers leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the air conditioner, the equipment cools and heats the air worse.
  • Electricity bills are increasing, because the equipment is still trying to achieve the set temperature parameter.
  • The worst case scenario is a compressor breakdown caused by overheating. Given that the cost of a new compressor is comparable to half the price of a new air conditioner, such an unexpected waste will be very noticeable for the family budget.

No less unpleasant situation may arise if you need to repair the air conditioner. Most manufacturers of HVAC equipment will refuse a free warranty repair if the equipment has not been properly inspected by specialists.

You need to have all the supports here and that is the reason you can have the best options now. The SPA salon option is there and that is the reason you can have all the options.

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