Companies have been designing and using a it as a marketing tool for decades. Hence, it is also significantly true that a bad corporate logo design can plummet the business to its plausible doom. For instance, taking the example of the clothing retailer company GAP, and its attempt to change its logo design. The attempt itself was highly criticized and received negative feedback from its customers. The logo is the identity of the brand and if it’s well done a sudden change like that will most likely not be received kindly. This example also clearly demonstrates the importance of logo design and logo stability in the market. Another study suggests that a logo is more than an aesthetically appealing arsenal. It says that a maximum number of customers tend to make assessments about a particular brand and its product merely from the shape of its logo.  Other studies report that if the logo is more circular in shape it is more likely to enhance the associations of softness and more angulated shapes suggest a certain touch of hardness. A rounded out logo is more likely to suggest and evoke feelings of warmth and care.

The psychology behind a logos colour and its relation to consumer psychology

One of the most critical elements in building a brand is the logo design and within that design one of the most important facet is the colour. It is safe to say that almost seventy nine percent of the people believe in the capacity of colours to raise a better brand recognition. Because different colours are associated with different feelings. For instance, the colour blue stands for strength and honesty or ownership. Hence, many of the top companies are careful about the colour choices they make for their logos.

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