How To Send Money Online

When a person is making an online payment or sending money to help out a friend or family member there are several ways that they can do this. There are programs, online wallets, and apps that can help a person send money online. These methods are safe and secure to use.


This is an app that can allow a person to send money to another. The app works on both Android and iOS operating systems. The app is trusted and is easy to use. A person can link their Venmo account to their bank or debit card and they will be able to send money. The app is free and easy to use. It is also easy to search for friends and add friends to the user profile. A person can send $2,999 a week. There is a small percentage fee when using a credit card.


This is one of the fastest ways to send money online. Once a person puts all of the transfer information on their site it will be completed within a matter of minutes. These program works with over 200 poplar banks and already has 95 million users. If a person’s bank is not on their already approved list, they can use this program as a standalone app to send the money.

Google Pay

This app makes it easy to send money and it can even be done over email. If the funds are being sent to a debit card the money will be there instantly. The transfer is free and can be sent using a phone number of an email address. A person can send up to $10,000 per transfer. The money can be transfer from bank accounts and debit cards. Credit cards are not accepted on this site.


This is the most popular online money site. There are over 203 million users and this is much higher than any other service. A person can enjoy free transfers when the money is put into their bank account. There is a small fee for using a debit or a credit card. This site is trusted and well respected.

Walmart 2 Walmart

This is a way that people without a bank account can get their money. A person can send money from one Walmart account to another. A person can then pick up the money at a Walmart store within a matter of minutes. The fee is much cheaper than using a service such as Western Union.


This site will allow a person to send money internationally. There are no foreign exchange markup rates that are charged on this site and it is easy to use. A person can sign into this site using a Google or a Facebook login and the exchange rate that they see will be valid for a least the day. They can get a receipt, cancel a transfer, and get all of their questions answered with a live chat. This site will allow a person to send money to over 70 countries without paying a high markup fee.


This is a money transfer site that will not charge a fee. The online service allows a person to use the current exchange rates to send and receive money.

These are some easy and secure ways to send and transfer money online. These sites have tight security measures and they have millions of users that send money all over the world every day.

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