How to Qualify for UAE Investor Visa

Dubai is classified as a land of opportunities for foreign investors who wish to start internationally recognized businesses and tap into the vast Middle East and African markets. This has made it a popular business destination for Indian investors who believe in taking risks. Moreover, the government is keen to entice foreign investors through offering easy entry, business formation and operation requirements. For instance, the government announced last year that they had introduced a 10-years UAE investor visa and allowed 100% ownership of local businesses by foreign investors. But, how does one acquire the long term UAE investor visa?

UAE investor visa

The long term UAE investor visa is divided into two categories. Foreign investors who invest at least 5 million Dirham in the real estate industry or an equivalent industry in the UAE will be eligible for a 5 years UAE residency visa. On the other hand, investors who invest at least 10 million Dirham are offered the 10 years UAE residency visa. However, 60% of the invested money must channel to a non-real estate industry where the investment can be a partnership or a re-investment in an already existing business in the UAE. Long term UAE investor visas are governed by the following conditions.

  • The invested money must entirely belong to the investor where no loans are included. Investors may be asked to provide supporting documents as proof that the entire amount of money belongs to them.
  • All investment must be retained for a minimum duration of three years and operate under standard liability. Note that, financial solvency on any investment must not exceed 10 million Dirhams.
  • Long term visas are offered to business partners as well in the event where each partner contributes 10 million Dirhams investment. However, the visas are extended to include children and spouses, one business advisor and one business executive.
  • Upon committing, investors are offered a 6 months multiple entry visa to cater to their travel needs to and from India as the long term visa application formalities are affected.

Note that, entrepreneurs are offered a 5 years UAE visa with a possibility to upgrade to a long term UAE investor visa upon fulfilling the above conditions. Specialists, doctors and researchers in information and science sectors qualify for 10-years visa. Students undertaking exceptional courses and performing at outstanding levels are offered a 5 years residency visa.


The UAE region has always been a great business startup destination for Indian investors who are hoping to make lucrative business profits while operating in an economically and politically stable environment. The long term UAE investor visa offers foreign investors alike the chance to live in the UAE with their families while taking advantage of the vast business market.

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