How to drive organic traffic to your online store today

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Every online store needs regular traffic if they wish to make more sales. It is true that more traffic means more sales even if your conversion rate is low. A thousand visitors with 1% conversion rate would bring ten sales, whereas ten thousand visitors with the same rate would bring a hundred sales.

Therefore, you must always strive to drive more traffic to your store.

How to drive organic traffic to your online store

If you want to see a lot of traffic on your online store, the ideal method is paid ads. You are going to do search engine marketing or social media marketing to appear in people’s feeds and top results on SERPs.

Though, people always overlook the power of organic traffic. You can drive organic traffic to your blog and generates sales even today.

All you need is a good blog with high quality and valuable content. You just need to optimize your blog along with your products’ descriptions for SEO.

Design of your blog

Remember that your rankings will only increase if people spend more time on your blog. In order to achieve that goal, you must create a design that attracts the people.

Different types of people are attracted to different types of designs. It requires a good amount of research to create a good ux design [ux design, which is the term in Indonesian].However, you can also hire a good designer to take that load off your head.

How to convert traffic into leads

Whenever someone visits your webpage, you can ask them to join your email list. Give offers like you occasionally send extra discounts and vouchers for your email list. Give them a discount or a freebie once they subscribe to your list.

You can keep sending emails with irresistible offers to your email list. Just, do not irritate them by sending too may offers.

You will experience that you will be getting more sales than usual.