How Serviced Offices In Alexandra Are Better Than Traditional Workspaces

You might wonder why serviced offices are better than a traditional lease. Looking for conventional office space is not only time consuming but involves several complications.  One of the reasons to consider hiring serviced offices is that businesses can expand in any city quickly.  No wonder the market of serviced workspaces is growing at a rapid rate.  Read the following to uncover the basics about the serviced workspace.

  • While availing of the desk space is one of the advantages of serviced offices in Alexandria, the companies occupying the space can access several other features that aid in the smooth functioning of the office.
  • The hirers can use the reception, kitchen and break out areas, access the boardroom, and make the most of networking opportunities.
  • You can hire the space for a short period of a month or use it for a longer time.
  • When compared with the traditional workspace, the serviced offices for rent come with flexible agreements, allowing you to move at a short notice.
  • For companies eager to minimize the risks of hiring a leased office space, the concept of serviced workspaces is a suitable option.
  • In the traditional office rent, the hirer needs to sign a lease agreement. However, for serviced office spaces, the agreements are streamlined and the opportunity for negotiation is on the higher side. 
  • In the serviced offices for rent, you are going to find segmented offices and the larger organizations can rent the entire floor.
  • The companies can hire meeting rooms and board rooms within short notice. 
  • Most of the serviced offices in Alexandria also include a gym, studio, sleeping pod, and wellness room. 
  • Freelancers and small teams can work together in the serviced offices.

Features of serviced workspaces 

When searching for the features of serviced offices, you can pick from basic and luxury offers. The following points highlight the essential facilities of serviced offices.

  • Office furniture and space

One of the basic things that the rent covers is the office but it also includes furnishings, such as desks, storage, and chairs. Often the company offering the space for rent can also customize the space based on the requirements of the organization. 

  • Meeting rooms

If you require meeting rooms in Alexandria based on pay-as-you-go, the serviced workspaces offer you the opportunity of hiring the meeting space within a short time. As the internal meeting spaces in the traditional offices are blocked for major time and you might have to fret before getting a slot, the serviced workspaces offer you a great deal of convenience. You can book a meeting room even when an emergency meeting is scheduled at odd hours.

  • Telephone and internet

While you pay a comprehensive price for hiring serviced offices in Alexandria, the charges against the telephone and the internet come as monthly rent and depend on usage.

  • Reception and refreshments

Most of the serviced offices have a receptionist and a manager. While the manager looks after the operations and maintenance of the building, the receptionist is responsible for greeting the clients of the hirer. So, you can get customer assistance in a serviced workspace. Besides, the services offices also stock refreshments for the occupiers and offer catering service meeting rooms in Alexandria.

  • Events

The serviced workspaces offer excellent opportunities for occupiers from different industry verticals to learn, meet, and collaborate on varied projects.

Moving into a serviced office space 

You are all set to move into serviced offices for rent but what are the factors to consider for an appropriate decision.

  • Time and cost

If you know how to manage everything efficiently moving into serviced offices happens pretty fast. The office provider provides the fittings and furnishings based on the occupancy rate. You can also get IT infrastructure from the first day and move into the office space within short notice. Unfortunately, it takes longer to find suitable leased offices and in furnishing them. The entire process takes several months. The high upfront cost of a leased office makes the serviced offices a better option in terms of cost and time.

  • Assurance and flexibility 

You can hire a space in the serviced office for a few weeks or months and all you may need to consider is one to three months of the notice period. Therefore the system of hiring a serviced office minimizes the risk of paying for unused office space. A lease agreement, on the other hand, requires you to stay committed for a fixed period of about three to five years. With the current economic situations where companies can hardly forecast growth, hiring an office space for a long time may mean wastage of money and time. 

  • Self-sufficient and usable

A well-maintained serviced office or meeting room in Alexandria include all the modern amenities that any office would need, such as storage space, Wi-Fi, and professional desks. Moreover, the building manager should resolve any issues that may arise in the serviced workspace. The office providers are aware of what the office needs to have or not to make the space more appealing, whether is for a large member of a corporate tea, or an individual looking forward to a reasonable workspace. 

Using the serviced offices

The service office was home to startups and small businesses a decade ago but the global recession has forced several large organizations to pick the serviced workspaces primarily due to the flexibility it offers. Here are the businesses that may prefer using serviced offices. 

  • During uncertain times, large businesses may find it challenging to maintain leased office spaces and prefer picking the flexibility of serviced workspaces.
  • The global business organizations trying to mitigate risks during expansion prefer using serviced offices in different locations.
  • The startups cannot predict their stand during the initial phase of the business, so a flexible workspace is a right option to choose for increased collaboration and networking. 
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises can access a plethora of facilities, such as meeting rooms, business technology ad the chance of networking just like the large organizations. 

If you think that moving into a serviced office is a cost-effective solution for your business, you must boost Your Knowledge about the concept of shared office spaces before arriving at a decision.