The plastic cards or the so-called credit cards are useful entities preventing people from carrying loads of cash with them. When these cards came into existence, the whole purpose was to swipe it in ATMs to get the cash without getting into long queues of banks. However, today it is used in shopping malls and other recreational places where credit card reader machines are available.

Questioning the safety and security of the card which has so many details of an individual’s finances should be handled adequately. Every mechanism made by humans is restrained with loopholes. Therefore, forgery is not much of a surprise in the digitalization sector.

Many of you must be aware of the existence and use of ‘fake’ credit cards. And those who are not, then you should probably know about a credit card generator which is a software that creates an exact copy of a credit card which when examined on credit card validators proves it to be valid but does not have any monetary value.

These cards are generally used at:

  • E-commerce site to check its security.
  • Verification procedures.
  • Testing mobile applications.
  • To test the data.
  • On websites with suspicious ink of forgery.
  • Also to get new credit card numbers by the companies.


  • The numbers that are generated may collide with the original existing number card of any person. People with the intention of forgery may use it in a very wrong way.
  • Cyber thieves may make a small online transaction on the shopping sites providing false address causing loss to these online websites.

These credit cards are legal to use until and unless not used for a fake and criminal purpose. Cards as such are very similar to the real ones. Therefore, the two of them cannot be differentiated according to their appearance.

Five-digits of the 16 number on the card is the identification number for the card provider; the other digits are the account number which is different for every person. The last number decides if the card applicable valid or not.

Credit card validators operate on an algorithm which is different from the Luhn algorithm, the actual card code and is required to check the validity of the cc generator cards. People should be aware of the distinguishable qualities of real and fake credit cards in order to not get bluffed.

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