Holidaying in London? Consider a Short Let

If you are arranging a short Stay in London, then a short-term rental accommodation would be an ideal solution for you. With residencies from a few weeks up to six months at most; and with all facilities included (except telephone) while staying in London short lets, you can have everything you wish and make the most out of your visit there. Finding a quality place yet affordable place to stay can be a bit challenging in West and Central London, explore Draker Lettings.

Types of short-term rental houses In London
The short term London rentals come in a variety from budget studio flats, excellent for people moving houses, to spacious townhouses for larger groups and families that are looking for away from home homes. This type of rentals have price variations depending on the area and the facilities included. Home away has a wide variety of London short lets that can be leased for long weekends and several months extended visits. These are;

  • For families
    Many families that are looking forward to holidaying in London choose to rent short term apartments or houses over hotels as to keep a degree of normality routine as parents can also select a location that suitable for both school and work. These apartments also have been furnished with both laundry and cooking facilities and are also pet-friendly with beautiful private gardens. Apartments if also rented for longer periods like one to three months can work out cheaper than when compared to serviced hotels so that they can benefit much from this option.
  • For business
    If you are a business person looking for a rental during your work trip for a couple of weeks, a short term one-bedroom apartment, penthouse or studio flat can work out for you and is sometimes usually way cheaper than serviced hotels or apartments. Home away has various short term lets with internet access, and parking lots in main business districts like the city, canary wharf, as well as Westminster and so on.
  • Low budget apartments
    Like most capital cities, London has a reputation for being expensive when it comes to accommodation facilities. But if you are flexible on the date of the year and location you can find great London short lets at an affordable price. If you are planning a visit avoid popular dates like Christmas, Easter weekends as well as valentine’s day as the price might be higher.
  • Luxury apartments
    London has got the sauce when it comes to luxury catering accommodation. Popular luxury accommodation can be found in wealthy districts of Noting Hill, Chelsea, and Marylebone and also Canary wharf.

Factors to consider when choosing a short-term rental house in London
Location- when you are looking for a short-term rental facility, you should probably put into consideration a place near essential facilities.

Size- You should also consider getting a spacious place, and that will suit you best.
Types of services- Short term rental facilities offer numerous services depending on their client’s taste, so it is upon you to choose which is more appealing to you
Cost- You ought to choose the best price which will be more affordable to you
Security- Your security is of great importance to you; therefore, you should consider a place that has very tight security.

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