Four cardinal rules to save your capital

You have a lot to learn from the experienced traders in Singapore. The pro traders can make a big profit from this market since they have the perfect skills to deal with any market condition. If you look at the experienced traders, it won’t take much time to understand why they are making tons of profit without losing big money. They are following the basic rules of investment without breaking the rules. Without following strict rules in trading, it’s very hard to change your life. Let’s learn about four cardinal rules that can save your trading capital.

Assess the risk tolerance level

You must assess your risk tolerance level to reduce the risk. Those who are taking high risk are losing money most of the time since they don’t know how much money they can lose without having any headache. The best way to find your risk exposure is to use the demo account. Open a demo account with Saxo and start trading in the demo environment. Assess the risk factors in the market and see how much you can lose without taking the heat. Once you know your risk tolerance level, you can expect to make big profits without having too much trouble.

Loser’s vs. winners

You must analyze the risk to reward ratio in the CFD trading industry or else you are going to lose most of the trades. The retail traders are having a tough time in trading since they don’t know the perfect way to increase the profit factors. But with the simple concept of risk to reward ratio, you can expect to reduce the risk in trading. Though you might not understand how things work in the real market if you focus on long term goals, you can understand the key features. Try to trade this market with a 1:4+ risk to reward ratio so that you don’t have to lose a big portion of the investment. Even if you lose a few trades, you can cover up the losses by following some conservative trading techniques.

Control your greed

You must learn to control your greed or else you can’t become a successful trader. It’s very normal to become a greedy trader after winning some big trades. Those who are new to the trading business are losing most of the trades since they want to earn more money from this market. To earn more you don’t have to trade this market with high risk. Stick to the safe trading method and be ready to accept a few loses. Once you start to execute the trade with managed risk, it won’t take too much time to develop your skills as a currency trader. Forget the fact, you are trading with the aggressive trading method, Develop a simple approach so that you can make a profit at any market condition.

Learn to use the leverage

You must learn to use leverage in a very effective way. If you want to make a big profit, you must learn to control the leverage in an effective way. Those who are taking too much risk by trading the market with a high leverage account, are losing most of the trades. So, how can we learn to use leverage and make a big profit? You must learn to analyze the market data in a bigger time frame. Stop trading the lower time frame like 1 hour or 30-minute time frame. Once you get skilled at a lower time frame trading strategy, you can slowly develop your skills as a currency trader. But don’t forget the fact, you are here to make your life better. So, taking too much risk to earn more money will always result in a big loss. Stick to the conservative method and you will succeed at trading.

Follow these four rules, if you want to protect your capital. Though you might become emotional after having few losing trades you must control the urge to recover the loss. Stick to the safe path in trading.