Five Ways To Get A Raise At Work

You might be confident in your abilities at work every day, yet even the bravest employee might have trouble asking for a raise – even if you desperately need the extra money. Although you can get cash loans whenever you need them, here are five ways that’ll help you the next time you propose to get a salary increase at work.

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  1.   Don’t Wait

When you start believing that you’re worth a more substantial salary, you shouldn’t wait for a more convenient time to ask for it. Start doing research and plan your argument immediately. You might think that it would be a good idea to wait for your next performance review; however, that could be months away. If you need a raise sooner rather than later, you can rely on cash loans or payday loans to assist you. However, getting an increase is a better solution.

The longer you wait to talk to a superior about your salary, the more your confidence will dissipate. You might also start feeling resentful if you aren’t offered an increase as the months go by. This resentment could give you an unpleasant, negative and demotivated attitude, which could adversely affect your next performance review – and therefore, your chances of getting a raise.

  1.   Do Market Research

There’s nothing worse than being denied a salary increase. It’s humiliating, disheartening, and will discourage you from asking again. It would be even worse if you asked for an increase higher than the industry standard because it indicates that you didn’t do your research.

Before you ask for a raise, find out what others in your line of work are earning, in a similar role as you, with the same experience and level of education. There are industry standards, and it will be in your favour if you show your employer what you should be earning on average. There are even websites available that calculate the national average salary, which you can provide as proof during your proposal.

  1.   Compile Your Evidence

Unfortunately, presenting the national average salary for your position isn’t always enough. Some employers will say that they can’t afford it, and will need further convincing. Why do you believe that you should earn more, other than the fact that you need to?

Mention instances where you have proven yourself to be an asset. Are your sales figures higher than anyone else? Have you taken on more responsibility? Did you land, or keep, an important client? If you’ve helped the business improve, such as through providing training or increasing workflow and effectiveness, then you need to pitch your argument with every instance included in mind.

  1.   Ease Your Employer Into The Decision

No employer wants to be bombarded with demands for a raise. It can make them defensive and unaccommodating. The best way to get a favourable result is to ease your boss into it.

A smart tactic is to ask how they’ve found your work ethic, and if they’re satisfied with your efforts. This is a smart move because if they’ve been unsatisfied, you can ask them how you could improve your work ethic, which looks favourable for upcoming performance reviews. If they give you the answer you’re looking for, you can lead the conversation into you being fairly compensated according to industry standards for doing an exceptional job.

Give your employer time to digest your proposal. However, because you start the conversation out with an impromptu performance review, your boss wouldn’t have a good reason to deny your raise unless the funds aren’t available.

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  1.   Be Professional

During a meeting like this, tensions are high. That’s why it’s so important to remain professional at all times. Don’t try to justify your request with reasons that don’t pertain to the business, such as needing to save for your honeymoon. Don’t make your employer feel guilty either, such as by mentioning how often you work overtime without remuneration. Your hard work and achievements should be all the justification you need.


If your attempt at getting an increase in salary at work is unsuccessful, don’t be too hard on yourself. Your proposal might have been denied for various reasons, but don’t take it to heart. You’ll hopefully receive feedback with guidelines on how to improve yourself and your efforts, which will result in a raise. In the meantime, if you need additional financing to pay the bills, you can apply for cash loans until you receive the increase you deserve. Use these five tips the next time you ask for a raise – they might give you the positive result you’re looking for.

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