Choosing Your Options for the Right Self Development

The psychology of personal self-development is becoming more and more popular. It allows you to achieve your goals, find harmony with yourself and the world. The cultivating individual is open to the new, easily finds a common language with other people. He feels confident in any situation and always knows in which direction to move in order to find the path to success and happiness. What needs to be done to constantly develop and at the same time feel comfortable? The use of the Coach Stockholm comes easy with the right kind of self-development.

The main mental processes

It is difficult to understand the psychology of personal development without an idea of ​​basic concepts. These include the following mental processes:

  • thinking
  • sensation
  • perception
  • speech
  • Attention
  • imagination
  • memory

The psychoemotional state of the individual depends on the level of development of personal qualities. Thinking, memory, speech are considered key. But it is important to pay attention to the development and other qualities.

The main stages of self-improvement

Self-development in psychology is an individual process that each person passes in his own way. However, in psychology, there are general stages of self-improvement:

  • need for change
  • idea of ​​the ideal “I”
  • search for your strengths and weaknesses
  • drawing up a plan to achieve the goal
  • direct actions.

Need for change

Understanding that change is needed, each comes in its own way. The higher the level of awareness, the easier it is to do it. How to understand that you need to go to a new level:

It seems to you that life has lost its logic, the behavior of others has become strange. Perhaps you are not a model of adequacy. You are thrown from side to side.

Feeling of stagnant swamp

  • You do not feel the taste of life.
  • Routine and routine cause apathy.
  • It seems to you that you are rolling back, losing skills.
  • Procrastination is the constant postponement of necessary, important matters. Instead of working, you hang on the phone, constantly distracted from the task. It’s hard for you to start and complete any business.
  • A vague feeling of dissatisfaction with oneself, environment, life.
  • At first glance, everything is fine, and you should be happy, but something constantly oppresses you, does not suit you.
  • It is not easy to realize right away that it is time to reach a new level, but our subconscious mind actively helps in this, signaling in various ways.

The Idea of ​​the Ideal Self

The next step after understanding that change is ripe understands what exactly you want to achieve. At this stage, you need to set goals.

It is important to understand what you really want. It’s not easy big income, and the goal of obtaining finance is to buy a car or a house, travel, start a business.

Search for strengths and weaknesses

  • When you decide on the “ideal”, deal with yourself

What you lack to achieve the goal.It is important to understand that the presence of deficiencies is considered normal. You should not consider yourself worse than others. Consider this stage as a kind of revision that helps to understand what prevents you from being happy.

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