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Before now, the process of storing, indexing, and retrieving official documents was time-consuming. Registers and similar ledgers were used for storage. Hence, data volumes were overwhelming, and update and search functions took longer than bearable. The use of multiple physical mediums characterized this counterproductive data storage. 

This continued until Charles Jones, a Newark attorney, proposed a better alternative – a centralized system of storage, indexing, and renewal. Jones’ initial efforts were complemented by his son’s introduction of computer systems, which added the much-needed space. This revolutionary computerized invention significantly boosted productivity, such that Charles Jones became a household name throughout the industry by 1972. 

Charles Jones offers multiple regional and nationwide search and retrieval services, including:

Regional Services

Charles Jones regional services include the UCC and Corporate services, the tideland and flood search, the county record searches, the tax searches, and name search services. 

Name Search Services

Charles Jones regional name search services are available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. While Pennsylvania and New Jersey can access the Patriot Name Search services, the Child Support Judgement Search, and Judgement Lien Search services are only available in the state of New Jersey. 

Tax Search Package

Anyone in search of Utility and Tax Certificate issuance services in Pennsylvania can take advantage of Charles Jones tax search package. It also includes Tax and Assessment services in New Jersey. 

County Search Service Package

Charles Jones is the only provider of County Search services in the New Jersey region. 

Tideland and Flood Services

Another aspect of the Charles Jones regional services is the Flood Search and life-of-loan flood monitoring services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Other related services available in the state of New Jersey include the Tideland Claims Search services, Wetland Determination, and the Tideland Grant Search. 

UCC and Corporate Services

What you get under the Charles Jones UCC and Corporate Services include the Legal Existence Certificates, Corporate Copies, Corporate Tax Lien Reports, and Status Reports in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Others include Good Standing Certificates, UCC State Certified, and UCC Plus. 

Nationwide Service Package

Nationwide Service Package from Charles and Jones comprises Filing Services, Registered Agent, and Due Diligence Services. This crop of services is targeted at complimenting the regional services. 

Due Diligence Services

In addition to the record search and retrieval services, the Due Diligence Services allows clients to search for Incorporation Certificates and similar legal documents or certified legal document copies.

Registered Agent and Corporate Filing Services

Charles Jones nationwide services will come handy in meeting legal requirements, especially for business people interested in expansion or a fresh startup. The company can file vital corporate documents on your behalf, for such purposes as Amendments, Incorporation Certificate, Withdrawals, Dissolutions, Qualifications, and Mergers. 

Likewise, Life-of-Loan Flood Monitoring, Patriot Name Search, and Flood Search services are available on nationwide coverage. 

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