Avoid These Minor Mistakes When Selling Your House in Utah

Selling St. George houses for sale can be time-consuming and sometimes emotional as well. Moreover, looking for buyers to sell your house can be a hassle as well. However, it is crucial to find the right buyer and crack a profitable deal. The process of convincing the buyers and negotiating with them might require immense amounts of mental fatigue and pain. In such cases, a realtor can come in handy. But as a seller, there are some minor mistakes you should avoid to ensure you get the best deal and buyer. 

Getting emotional

If you are selling houses for sale in Utah in which you have spent years living, getting emotional is obvious. You might spend a significant part of your life living in the house and creating memories; thus, many people might fail to control their emotions when it is time to say goodbye. 

But, it is possible to control this feeling. Once you make up your mind to sell your home, consider yourself as a business person and not just a homeowner. Focus on the financial perspective and try getting the best deal instead of making decisions emotionally. 

Not hiring a realtor

Real estate agents demand 5-6 percent of the sale price of your home, something which avoids a lot of sellers from hiring them. But selling your home by yourself might not be a good idea, especially if you are new to real estate. If you hire a good agent, he will have your best interests at heart and will help you determine the best selling price as per the current market rates. Additionally, a realtor can also act as your representative, talking to the sellers, making the offers, and doing the negotiations. Thus, if you are not confident enough to sell your home, a good real estate agent can be of great help. 

Asking for an unrealistic price

If you want to attract serious potential buyers, make sure you set the price right. Discuss with your realtor the existing market rates, and set a competitive price accordingly. This works both ways; buyers also try to make realistic offers, so you should be a step ahead by making an irresistible offer at your end. Moreover, it is clear that overpriced homes do not sell. Don’t make the mistake of going too low on the price but avoid going too higher either. 

Expecting the asking price

Getting the price you expected or asked never happens in real estate. Buyers are smart nowadays (or at least their realtors), so they will always negotiate, and if you refuse, you might end up losing a good buyer. As a rule of thumb, you should list your houses for sale in St George Utah at a price that interests the buyers, but also has enough room for negotiation. 

Selling during winters

It’s true; there is a right time to sell houses as well. Winters, especially around holidays, witness slow home sales. People are more into celebrating and having fun with their loved ones and prefer staying at home rather than doing property visits. Since the market volume is low in winters, you might not find a lot of buyers and end up selling at a lower price. Thus, it is better if you wait and list your property when the weather begins to warm. 

Not paying attention to listing photos

A vast majority of buyers look for houses for sale in Saint George Utah online, and if you are not having stunning visuals of your property uploaded, you will be missing out on some really good offers. Many homes listed online have a bad photo gallery, and if you put in some effort and do a good job with your home photos, you will set your listing apart. 

Make sure you take the pictures during the day, so they are crisp and clear and have a lot of natural light available. Click pictures of your home’s best asset to intrigue the buyers straight away. 

Hiding problems

If your house has problems, either fix them or try selling your home with the issues. But do not try hiding them because any problem you try to hide will be uncovered in the inspection. Fixing the issue is the best call, as you should not be giving any chances to the buyer to drag down the price. Moreover, a house that is not perfect might lose potential buyers as well. But even if you don’t want to get them fixed, don’t try hiding them as it can raise credibility issues. Moreover, several states have disclosure rules, as well. 


Selling your house can be a burdensome task, but you can make it further difficult by making several mistakes. Avoid the errors discussed above to ensure you sell your home quickly and easily.

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