Several naturally occurring crystalline minerals that can be used to form fibers are generally named as Asbestos. The fibers of asbestos are fine, hard, and chemical resistant and they are not dissolved in 1985 brown and blue asbestos were banned. After 15 years white asbestos was also banned in London. It can cause severe damage to the respiratory system and highly carcinogenic to humans. 

Asbestos may present in any home built before 2000 because it was frequently used for construction purposes. If it is present in any house or building it should be removed by consulting some proper agency. To avoid harms caused by asbestos surveys are being conducted. The purpose of these surveys is to identify the risks and to meet the Asbestos survey regulations. Mainly three types of surveys are conducted to identify asbestos the first step it is identified whether the asbestos is present at a place and if it is detected then a proper management plan is designed. The second type of survey is conducted during the demolition period of a building. 

The fibers or construction material is checked to detect the presence of asbestos. The third type is conducted at the renovation stage the older construction material is observed to detect basically asbestos surveys are conducted at operational, demolition, and renovation stages. Life cycle analysis for a building is done to completely control the emissions of this harmful material. In London, asbestos surveys are done extensively because In the 1700s use of asbestos was increased due to the industrial was used as the construction material because it is cheap, easily available, heat resistant, and fire-resistant. But then people start getting sick and dying due to asbestos exposure. 

The small fibers of asbestos are good for construction purposes but they cause severe damage to human causes sickness of the 1920 UK was importing 20,000 tons of asbestos but when illnesses were reported due to asbestos exposure pressure was built to ban the usage of this material so in the beginning blue and brown asbestos were banned and then white asbestos was also banned as the public health authorities recommended the govt. to impose a complete ban on the usage of this material. Then finally in 1999,a complete ban was imposed but the problem is still there are a lot of buildings and houses which contain a huge amount of 2000 more than 4500 people died in London. Even today about 5000 people die each year due to asbestos sickness. About 2500 people suffer from mesothelioma per year. Some people think asbestos there is an asbestos black market in London and still, some companies are using it for construction as it is cheap. 

Actually, before the ban, it was highly used in all constructional activities. So even after 20 years of the ban, it is still causing harm. This is the reason why the authorities in London are so focused and why there are strict regulations for its usage. Different agencies offer asbestos surveys London and other cities of the UK. These companies conduct surveys at different times and different stages of a building. Once the asbestos emission is detected during the survey further steps are taken to protect people from the harmful impacts. Moreover, the survey agencies should also conductseminars to aware of people.