Are Bitcoins worth an investment in 2019?

Since it was released a decade back by Satoshi Nakamoto, people are still skeptical about whether they should invest in Bitcoins or not. Currently worth around $7000, do you think Bitcoins are still worth an investment? Well, it totally depends on the kind of perspective you hold for Bitcoins. You have several platforms where you can trade in Bitcoins but Binaryx seems to be the most reliable of them all. Have a look at some important reasons why we think Bitcoins are still worth an investment in 2019.

  • Bitcoins have a high rate of adaption among all the other cryptocurrencies that are available in the market. With many companies around the world showing interest in it slowly yet gradually, it seems that Bitcoins will surely be a big boom in the near future.
  • Big names are showing interest in Bitcoins and in 2019 the list is only expanding. Personalities like John McAfee and Sonny Singh (Chief Commercial Officer at Bitpay) believes that Bitcoins have a lot more to offer. Tom Lee, ex-strategist of JP Morgan, thinks the worth of a single Bitcoin might exceed the $10,000 mark in the future.
  • Bitcoins stand for decentralized payment system and that means you are the only owner of your transactions without any middleman involved in it. This means you can trade and invest at your own pace without any interference.
  • Bitcoins can offer the fastest transactions and all thanks goes to the lighting network which makes the overall process much more smooth and easier. The fast transaction also comes with low fees and an unmatchable technical safety. Binaryx offers encrypted servers and highest security to their users while trading.
  • Bitcoins are scare but the demand for it is high and will eventually increase in the near future. Hence, there is a huge opportunity for you to invest now and sell them at much higher rates later on. That is the reason why crypto trading is becoming more popular over time.

If you are willing to take the risk, then Bitcoins are still worth the money. For those of you who have a good knowledge regarding Bitcoins and different aspects related to cryptocurrency exchange, must take a look at Binaryx. The platform supports more than 40+ variants of cryptocurrencies as well. It is one of the most reliable and trusted Bitcoin exchange platform which also offers social trading.

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