5 Questions You Should Ask Your Chinese Sunglass Suppliers

When vetting your sunglass manufacturer and supplier in China, it is important to have all the facts up-front to prevent surprises down the line. However, you hear situations where potential customers failed to get the necessary information and received something different from what they expected. Therefore, in this article, DisoGlasses.com will be sharing the 5 questions you should ask your Chinese sunglass suppliers.

These questions should be asked over the phone if your speaking to a big company but most small-medium sized factories won’t have a good English speaker and will be much more comfortable Skyping/Wechating with you.

Question 1 – Basic facts

These questions will help establish two facts, the first is that they have at least one English speaker on pay roll, the other is that it gives you a good idea of whom you’re working with. The basic facts questions should cover:

  • Company capacity
  • Contact name/mode
  • Address
  • Specialization etc.

Question 2 – Businesscapacity

The next step is to find out if you both can do business. This involves knowing about their production system and practices, requirements and recommendations. Questions in this section include:

  • The number of employees in the factory
  • How their production process works
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Production time etc.

Question 3 – Quality assurance

Your concerns should now be about the quality of their products when compared to their process. In most cases, the more expensive an item manufactured and supplied from China is, the higher its quality but this isn’t always the case. These questions should find out:

  • Their familiarity with export standards
  • Their quality:price ratio
  • Their price list for different customizations

Question 4 – Export process

If you’re satisfied with the information you’ve received so far, it’s time to know how your products will get to you. These questions should help you understand their export process and should include:

  • How long it takes to ship orders
  • Whether they have an export license
  • What shipping agent they use
  • Shipping costs and requirements etc.

Question 5 – Contact method

Now you’re confident you can trust this sunglass manufacturer; the next step is to set up a preferred mode of communication. As I explained earlier, most manufacturers and suppliers in China will be much more comfortable Skyping/Wechating with you but you can make changes to this. These questions should cover:

  • Contact time, mode, and person
  • Conditions
  • Alert types etc.

That’s it. DisoGlasses.com wishes you safe commerce.

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