3 New Trends in the Online Jewelry Industry

The ecommerce industry continues to grow at an exponential rate. As technology continues to evolve, the competition in the online retail jewelry sector also continues to increase at a staggering rate. As an online retailer, the growing customer demand in the online domain will mean both bigger challenge and opportunities.

1. Emergence of Independent Retailers

The good thing about the online jewelry sector is that it is not controlled by the ‘Big’ brands. It is evolving as a fragmented sector where independent and small retailers continue to wield their own power. This has especially been made possible with the help of:

  • New website technologies
  • Social media
  • Search optimization strategies

If you are an online jewelry retailer, this sends out positive signals for you to be as creative as you want to be and grow your business prospects.

2. 360-Degree Product Videos

Another important development in the online jewelry industry is the growing use of 360-degree product videos. It will become an important part of social commerce. It is a powerful and effective visual presentation of jewelry items on your website and social media pages.

Studies show that over 9 in 10 consumers have demanded 360-degree product viewing features to make sound buying decisions when shopping online. And it can especially be beneficial in showcasing unique products such as pearl necklace urban pieces. As an online retailer, you should meet this demand. This technology has been available for some time, but the online jewelry ecommerce business hasn’t yet embraced it to the level they should have.

3. Deliver a Mobile-Centric Shopping Experience

While online shopping continues to be the preferred mode of buying products, more jewelry shoppers are now seeking mobile-centric shopping experience. So if you have an ecommerce store, make sure that it is also optimized for mobile shopping.

As the sales and screen size of mobile devices continue to grow and the integrated technologies evolve, mobile shopping experience has increased dramatically in the past few years. Some of the key requirements and aspects that need to be addressed through such experience include:

  • Conducting product searches
  • Comparing products
  • Being able to talk and/or chat with product assistant
  • Make payments and go through the checkout process

While these trends continue to gain their influence in the online jewelry industry, it is important that you embrace them to become successful with your business.

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