11 Best Shared Offices in Singapore

Singapore has long been a congested business territory. Tons of thousands of businesses operate from here. Office space has always been a luxury. Startups and freelancers were not able to start learn in Singapore. Fortunately, this new millennium has seen the rise of co-working spaces. You can rent a certain amount of office space, which has access to all office-like amenities. There are tons of such spots in the country. Here we present the 12 best shared officecompanies in Singapore.

  1. JustCo

They offer myriad co-working options such as JustDesk, JustStudio, etc… Choose one that suits your business needs. Hot Desk starts at around $100 per month.  Private offices start at $800 per person.

  1. WeWork

Located in Raffles Place, WeWork offers all the amenities you need. Raffles Place train station boosts up connectivity with every place in the city. The extended list of facilities comes at $550 and upwards.

  1. Trehaus

Trehaus is for the hyper connective people, who love to socialize. Being a family friendly place, it does allow parents and children to stay in harmony. You have also got the kids drop-in play, besides other amenities.

  1. The Great Room

Located in Central Business District, The Great Room is a short walk from Trehaus. This place encourages casual collusion, thereby enhancing productivity. Their extended list of amenities will appeal to everyone.

  1. The Working Capitol

Formerly a heritage shop-house, it has been remodeled into office spaces. Consisting of five historic shop houses, it can house any company size from start-ups to multinationals. Hot desks starts at $250.

  1. Cospace Park

Cospace Park is an affordable co-working option, with hot desks starting from $250 per month. You have 24-hour access, which is really useful for night owls. The grab coupons and health & wellness classes are some of the appealing perks, you will enjoy here.

  1. The Hive

Its concept is an established one in Hong Kong and Bangkok. The Singapore branch has four levels, plus a rooftop. Additionally, you can look forward to rooftop yoga, film screenings and more random quirky events.

  1. Collision 8

Membership at Collision 8 bags you access to skill-building workshops, networking events and global affiliates. If you are a financial company, you will benefit immensely by operating from this space.

  1. Found8

This isn’t yet another run of the mills, co-working space. This modern, collaborative work space can inspire ideas and innovation. There are welcome sessions, regular check-ins and scheduled event to encourage interactions amongst varied disciplines of trade. Besides co-working and community spaces, Found8 also provides solutions for shared office in Singapore.

  1. Collective works

They have hour based plans, which are really thrifty in a central location. There are 40 hours, 80 hours, 120 hours and unlimited access passes. If you don’t need desk for whole day, it comes handy. It’s located at the Robinson Road, Capital Tower.

  1. Bardo at 1880

It is yet another co-working space in Raffles Place. It separates business and leisure by a fine line. Besides partying location, it moonlights as a co-working space. When you are too bogged down working, you can head to the bar or in-house space.

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